We are participating in an ambitious project that explores possibilities for using blue mussels as an ingredient for the production of dog and cat food. At the same time, it will have a positive impact on the aquatic environment in the Danish fjords. The project is a partnership between Kingsmoor Petfood, Blå Biomasse and Aarhus University. Mussel harvesting takes place in the Limfjord, located in the northern peninsula of Jutland.

We mainly use ingredients from the Nordic countries and are interested in finding new local and sustainable ingredients. Mussels as an ingredient in dog and cat food will lead to new and unique products that fit well with our New Nordic Kitchen for Pets food concept. We see an exciting opportunity to use mussel protein as a raw ingredient for various pet food products. The project is fully in line with our values and Nordic profile. For us, it is key to use raw ingredients from the local area. In this way, we support sustainable development in Denmark. New products with mussel protein may be on shelves within 12-16 months.

For more information contact:
Bent Ransborg, founder and owner of Kingsmoor Petfood A/S, tel. +45 3029 8422
Klaus Astrup Nielsen, director of strategy and innovation, Hedeselskabet, chairman of the board, Blå Biomasse A/S, tel. +45 4174 7563
Jan Værum Nørgaard, associate professor på Aarhus University, Department of Animal Science, tel. +45 8715 7816


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