Danish pet food brand Kingsmoor is now making dog and cat food using only renewable energy. The objective is to urge pet owners to make more climate-conscious choices.

“We have set ourselves to craft recipes and produce pet food with the least environmental impact. It is our mission to contribute to the green energy revolution,” says Bent Ransborg, founder and owner of Kingsmoor Petfood.

Sustainable living
The production takes place in Denmark and is supplied with electricity from a wind turbine located near the factory. Kingsmoor is committed to reducing the environmental impact by cutting 100 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

“We would like to give consumers the option of moving up to the next tier of sustainable living. As a pet owner, you do not have to go to extremes to make a difference in your everyday life. You can choose the Danish, sustainable solution next time you buy food for your dog or cat,” says Bent Ransborg.

New Nordic Kitchen for Pets
Kingsmoor has been a front-runner since its inception in 2005 when founder Bent Ransborg started out by crafting pet food recipes based on healthy herbs, fruits and vegetables. The company focuses on sustainability and takes pride in using local ingredients from Denmark and other Nordic countries for the New Nordic Kitchen for Pets food concept.

“By using green energy in our production, we are moving Kingsmoor in a more sustainable direction. Doing that, we are staying true to the company’s true character,” says Bent Ransborg.

About Kingsmoor
Kingsmoor was founded in 2005, and the name originates from the Danish mainland area Kongenshus Hede (The King’s Moor) – a special place to founder Bent Ransborg and his dogs. All products are made in Denmark using ingredients from the Nordic countries. Kingsmoor do not use artificial preservatives or colorings. Kingsmoor sells dog and cat food through retailers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Lithuania.

Bent Ransborg, founder and owner
Kingsmoor Petfood A/S
Phone: +45 30298422
E-mail: br@kingsmoor.dk



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