It started with a good idea.

A uncompromising attitude towards product quality has paved the way for Kingsmoor which was founded in 2005 by Bent Ransborg in the small town of Bjerringbro on the mainland of Denmark. One of his dogs, Jack, developed hip problems, and he noticed how the dog started to eat plants and bark during their walks in nature. This inspired Bent to come up with the idea of crafting nutritious dog and cat food based on nature’s finest ingredients.

You may have registered that in all our recipes there are many healthy herbs, fruits and vegetables. It delivers a delicious flavor and amazing odor to the meat that your dog and cat cannot resist. Most of the herbs can be found sprawling in the Nordic flora.

The name Kingsmoor comes from the mainland area Kongenshus Hede (The King’s Moor), where Bent Ransborg often brought his dog. Kingsmoor is still a family owned business and all food is 100% Danish produced. We are proud of our origins and take great pride in the production in Denmark. It is our guarantee for high quality control. Today, it is not only dogs and cats in Denmark who can enjoy Kingsmoor. Also in Norway, Sweden, and Lithuania, there are dogs and cats who endulge in the food from Kingsmoor.